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This entry highlights my most recent “green” project… replacing an old, 3-4 gallon per flush, toilet with a new eco-friendly, water-saving, 1.28 gallon per flush, toilet at my rental property. This project will result in saving approximately 6,000 gallons of water per year, hopefully lowering my tenant’s water bill, and knowing that I’m doing my small part to conserve water for the community.

Final project cost = $0 after WaterWorks! rebate… Recovery Act funds at work!

Kansas City, Missouri residential property owners and renters are eligible for up to a $100 rebate after the purchase and installation of a WaterWorks!-approved high efficiency toilet.

I purchased the new Glacier Bay High Efficiency toilet from Home Depot for $88. Installation was simple and quick. Everything I needed came in the box (minus the water connector, but since I was replacing a toilet, I reused the existing connector).

Lastly, I was able give the old toilet a second chance at living and drop it off to be recycled and eventually reused in concrete! Bridging The Gap, a Kansas City environmental nonprofit, has organized a toilet recycling program to keep old toilets out of landfills.

Many cities have similar programs, just Google ‘toilet rebate’ and your city.

— WaterWorks!, a component of Kansas City’s EnergyWorks KC program, is a water conservation and education program provided through Bridging The Gap. The overall goal of EnergyWorks KC is reducing energy use and increasing energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings. Visit: WaterWorks! for more information.

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