Earth Walk KC 2013

After years of contemplating how to commemorate Earth Day, I decided this year to actually do something. On April 1st I signed up for Earth Walk KC 2013. My initial goal was to raise $150. If fundraising didn’t go well, I would consider either donating the money myself or reducing my goal to whatever I raised. The response was so overwhelming I increased my goal to $500. Even that goal was surpassed. I cannot express how much this means to me!

So today, I walked for everyone – those who donated, those who shared or retweeted my begging for donations, and those who simply said ‘good luck’. Thanks to the support of friends and family, I was the “1st Place Individual Fundraiser” raising $680 to continue the mission of the environmental nonprofit, Bridging the Gap!

I dedicate this post to the following individuals and thank them so much for their support:

See the donation page here

Gordon Dash
Janette Charles
Arielle Wilson
Enjoli Dixon
Terry Scarborough
Jackie & Kevin Reames
Xaivian Raymond
Brian Johnson
Ernie McClellan
Tiffany Wheeler
Kenny Sims
Angelica Duncan
Kelly LeRoux
Jason Sternberg
Antron Mahoney
Erica Whorley
Wendy Hildenbrand
Douglas Neal
Michael K. Watts
Robin Kempf
Anthony Robinson, II
Aneisha Heath
Linda Williams
Alexis Martin
Nathan McGee
Jeannette Blackmar
Anthony Pegues
Chad O. Johnson
Matthew Staub

2 thoughts on “Earth Walk KC 2013

  1. So proud of you !!! Go Earth! Is it too late to donate money or will you be doing something else we can support in the near future?

    1. Heeeey, thanks for checking me out friend! Yeah there’s always next year 🙂

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