Don’t trash it – reuse it!


Today’s environmental tip: Don’t trash it – reuse it! Be creative as you look for new ways to reduce the amount or kinds of household waste. Give cardboard tubes to pet hamsters or gerbils. Plant seeds in an egg carton. Make a flower pot out of a plastic ice cream tub. By thinking creatively, you will often find new uses for common items and new ways to recycle and reduce waste.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t trash it – reuse it!

  1. I don’t have any hamsters or gerbils but if I did … cardboard tubes would be in full effect and my flowers don’t live long enough to make into an ice cream tub but cool idea never the less. So much packaging can be washed and reused for numerous things around the house. Great info!

    1. You know we grew up reusing stuff… we were green back then and didn’t even know ahaha. Yeah the hamsters and gerbils is a stretch c’mon EPA 🙂

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