My Green Day

It all came together… the green trifecta. I wore my ‘go green’ t-shirt, picked up a green cleaning supply kit, and I was driving a new hybrid. To top it off the weather was gorgeous! So needless to say I was feeling quite green!

My t-shirt was designed and manufactured by Creative Verbiage, a t-shirt company that let’s you express yourself without saying anything!

The green cleaning kit was courtesy of Magic Touch Cleaning for all Earth Walk 2013 participants that raised at least $250. The kit includes natural products for everyday cleaning. There’s furniture polish, dish detergent, stain and odor remover, pre-laundry stain remover, and window cleaner.

The hybrid was a loaner from Jay Wolfe Acura while my car was in for service. This 2013 Acura ILX is the first hybrid I’ve ever driven… shocked? I know, me too! This hybrid is stylish, comfortable, and great for a commuters. The auto engine shut off, rather than idle, may alarm some, but a tap of the gas and you’re moving again like nothing happened (other than saving gas and protecting the environment). Lastly, the car features an ‘econ’ button for achieving better fuel economy during city driving, but acceleration is reduced a little, which takes some getting used to. I was saddened to turn the car back in, but it was fun while it lasted! #tgs

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  1. I ennjoyed reading your post

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