A Special Thank You, $2007 Raised to Fight Breast Cancer!

EIUzC-6W4AEBOgw.jpg-largeHere’s a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported my birthday month efforts to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s “Real Men Wear Pink” Campaign.

Thanks to the following individuals, we raised $2,007!!!

  • Janette Charles
  • Arielle LanFranca
  • Richard Jones
  • Rebecca Hasson
  • Virginia Reames
  • Miranda Phillips
  • Delores Murry
  • Trevor Reames
  • Rosemary O’Leary
  • Eva Lamina
  • Stephanie Morgan
  • Prince Pressley
  • Leah Robinson
  • Marie O’Neill
  • Harry Norris
  • Tyson Gray
  • Katie Dickinson
  • Mike Brown
  • Shreyas Vangala
  • Ernie McClellan
  • Samuel Stolper
  • Gloria Lowe
  • Xaivian Raymond
  • Corey Savage
  • Jason Mahoney
  • Antron Mahoney
  • Justin Schott
  • Terry Scarborough
  • Karlease Bradford
  • Beverly Browne
  • Erin Borry
  • Jeremy Orr
  • David Lardner
  • Kristen Charles
  • Eden Roseborough
  • Chris Davis
  • Nina Ignaczak

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