Rocks, Tents, and Waterfalls

We ended week 1 in Greenland with a geology lesson, camping, and hiking to a stunning waterfall. We visited briefly with Drs. Bruce Douglas and Mikki Osterloo to learn about their small part in a NASA project that seeks to determine if life once existed on Mars… yup that Mars (the Red planet). As I understand it, this area of West Greenland exhibits similar geological, biological, and other conditions to Mars and is perfect for testing theories prior to an actual test in outer space. We all brushed up on our geology and helped the team count rock fractures.

Next, we moved to our campsite for the night. It was a very windy spot, but with a great view of Russell Glacier.  We set up our tents and went out to explore the surroundings. When he had driven the road to the ice sheet, we all noticed a spectacular waterfall, and were determined to hike there for some great scenery.

Following our hike, we returned to the campsite. I put on my iPod and took a walk, listening to some good ‘ole gospel music and had a great time in solitude admiring the Creator’s work. It snowed throughout the night, and I was cold for a major portion of the night, as I was in and out of sleep.  I had several crazy dreams too, must something in the air, because a few other colleagues discussed crazy dreams over lunch. At any rate, it was a great way to end week 1!

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